New Store for Dogs, Cats & Wildlife near Northwich

Hi everyone,

We are a brand new store for dogs, cats and wildlife located at Blakemere Village near Northwich in Cheshire. We only stock foods rated 4.5 or above by We aim to support UK companies as much as possible. We stock Canagan for dogs and cats, Eden for dogs and cats and Natural Instinct raw dog food. We believe these foods are the best you can get for your animals on a reasonable budget and we are more than happy to be contacted for advice about them.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Rachel & Josh
Owners of Ginger&Browns

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I have moved your post to the Classifieds section as it seems the most appropriate one.

Thank you for posting about your new store. I am a big fan of small, independent pet supplies outlets. It’s good to hear that you are only selling quality food products - well done. I wish you well with the venture and if I lived in Cheshire I would be calling in. There is just a hill or two between us! LOL