Dog and Cat food brands

Hi guys - just looking for some opinions and dog and cat food brands – I have 2 shorthairs and 1 border terrier (Lennie). For convenience reasons, I would like to purchase both my dog and cat food from the same brand - a brand I can trust and know that all my little ones are getting the right vitamins and minerals. Any opinions…? looking to purchase food within the next few working days! thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. Many of the larger companies sell both dog and cat food. If you start off using the filters on the Dog Food Directory to choose something for your Border you can then check if the company sells cat food too. Two reputable companies that spring to mind are Natures Menu and Millie’s Wolfheart. Hopefully someone else will be along to make further suggestions. Pets at Home own brand (Wainwright’s) might also be worth looking at.

Barking Heads and Meowing Heads also are good - no thickening agents are used. Also agree with Natures Menu, but I don’t have much experience with many others. Sainsbury’s Delicious is a good-priced decent cat food, and they also do a dog food in this range, though I haven’t bought it.

I use Millie’s Lionheart (dog version is Millie’s Wolfheart) for my cats. They are black & white moggies and their coats are really soft with a mirror like shine. They also hoover the kibble up when it’s in their bowls. Delivery is excellent and they are reasonably priced. Do I feed my dog it? No… but that’s because he has many allergies and it’s not suitable for him but if he didn’t have these issues then yes I would as it’s really good value with a fantastic variety.

I consulted the vet about the food. I think every pet owner should do that. The cat was tested, his health was checked, and the food was recommended. The food he ate before caused his gastritis.