New user of site - Looking for advice on Hill’s Science Plan Foods

Hello everyone
I’m new to this site and although I’ve searched both the dog food directory and the forums, I can’t find any mention of Hill’s Science Plan which I am surprised about as it is a reasonably well known brand I thought??
I guess I’m just looking for an unbiased review before I look to change my puppy’s diet from the food she has been on since weaning, and seems happy on.
Has anyone seen any reviews or know how I can get it reviewed here please?

Hello and welcome to the forum, The various hills plans are in the dog food directory. If you look in the list of brands and click Hill’s you will find them. They don’t have a high rating. They have some ingredients highlighted in red which lowers the rating. There are lots of foods to explore all with pros and cons depending on your dog and personal circumstances.


Hello and welcome to the forum. What food is your pup on now and why are you thinking of using Hill’s? There is lots of advice about choosing a good dog food on this website. This thread might be helpful to get you started.

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Thanks for your advice. I will take another look at the directory.
My pup was weaned onto this food by the breeder but I will definitely move to something else when what I have runs out. ;D

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