Pet Food Company Domination

From the All About Dog Food’s Facebook page this morning:
[i]"Now that Mars have snapped up Procter & Gamble’s pet food division, the Big 4 are now the Big 3 (I don’t include Del Monte as their products aren’t sold here in the UK).

Despite the fact that most of their products are, frankly, awful, these 3 giants now account for over 70% of the British pet food market.

This picture is a good demonstration of how far their brand portfolio has spread but as it doesn’t include many of their UK brands (Mars: Chappi, Frolic, Pal… Nestle: Bakers, Bonio, Winalot…), it is only the tip of the iceberg!"[/i]

The Big 3 are:


Mars have bought Eukanuba & Iams for distribution in the States but I believe the European operation to have been bought out by an independent company

How does that work out for the recipes? Does each company have the name and recipe or just the name? I have never used either of these products but am just wondering. ???