Post operation feeding for dog

Hi, I’d welcome people’s experiences/advice.
My ( year old Goldie is due to have gum epulis removed next week. I feed her commercial raw, but have read a couple of articles that suggest giving cooked/wet food post op - possible bacteria issues with raw and gum surgery? I I would probably feel easier giving her something home cooked or good quality wet food like Nature’s Menu or Lily’s Kitchen. I am sure the vet will give the prescription tinned - would preparing cooked chicken and rice/carrots for example be better? I am not against the vet food, just wonder if it would be too big a contrast to her usual raw. Thanks.

If you want something similar to raw pure is very good , it is a dehydrated food that is made up by mixing with warm water, they can deliver next day if you order by about 11.00 am . Never heard of what your dog is going to have happen but I hope that all goes well. :slight_smile:

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Another suggestion for cooked fresh food would be Different Dog or Butternut Box. With Butternut you need to sign up for a subscription (though you can get referral discounts for your first box) but with Different Dog you can just buy what you need.
Hope your dog’s op goes well.

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Epulis are growths on dogs gums - unfortunately a couple have got bigger and when they interfere with teeth, then best to come out - not looking forward to it. I’ll have a look at those suggestions -if it’s too late to get delivery in time, then I will see if there’s something similar locally or home cook (chicken, carrots, eggs whizzed up) until I can get delivery. Thanks for your help.

The others are all good suggestions. It wouldn’t hurt to give home cooked for a day or two while waiting for a delivery or even while he recovers. You can include a little calcium by adding some crushed egg shells. Just check which vegetables are okay. I sometimes give my dog brown rice, oats cooked in water, potato, sweet potato, wholemeal pasta. quinoa, or couscous as a carb source. I hope he recovers soon.

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Thanks for the advice. She’s home - she ended up having a loose rear tooth removed as well as the Epulis - she’s a bit sad and quiet - she must have a sore mouth, but hopefully she’ll pick up. I pureed chicken, carrots and sweet potatoes last night which she devoured! It would take a lot for her appetite to diminish! Thanks for the help.


not easy when you can not tell them what is going on , I hope that she recovers well. :slight_smile:

Wishing her a speedy recovery-it’s fantastic that she’s eating.