Recent Pets at Home TV Campaign " What's in the recipe ? "

Today I saw a recently launched TV commercial from PAH which I thought was very good. Cleverly done & with a known name fronting it. The commercial will hopefully catch the attention of dog owning cookery programme fans, (who may benefit from better dog food ingredient awareness).

Link & more info by clicking HERE The TV commercial is currently 3rd scroll down item on the link.

There also seems to be a comparative link on their website. It only covers a short list of products but it includes some supermarket brands & products widely available in supermarkets.

Significantly the aim of the actual commercial is to raise consumer awareness rather than to promote any one dog food product.

I cannot say I like every food on the shelf at PAH, (to be fair needs & demands vary). I am also aware that as a business they could also have a business agenda. Despite this, in my eyes this is a positive landmark moment.

Well done PAH !


Thank you for this interesting information Coaster. The link isn’t working for me but a quick search revealed this website. Please can you let me know if it is correct?

Edit: Found another link here.

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Thanks…I have fixed the PAH link now…I found other links today including one that you posted. Also worth reading

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