Rescue pup

Hi there - my rescue pup from Cyprus is arriving soon and I’n at a loss as to what food to get him. He’s approx. 31/2 to 4 months old. Undetermined breed but is believed to be a pointer/Weimaraner cross. So I’m looking at large breed puppy food. He’s currently on grain free salmon and Sweet potato large puppy kibble which is locally made and sold by the British armed forces rescue community in Cyprus. He’s going to have a lot of changes so am trying to keep his food changes to a minimum. My family has a Weimaraner, who is on a raw diet due to his sensitive tummy, but I travel a lot, and My pup will be joining me, it’s not always easy to transport raw food. Any advise on large breed puppy grain free food would be much appreciated. Thank you!

A great, convenient alternative to raw is cold pressed food and it can be fed alongside a raw diet should you chose this.

Tribal TLC Salmon is what I feed my large breed dog (alongside Butternut Box). Their recipe contains salmon and sweet potato so this may well suit your pup as it has the same core ingredients as his current food. I believe Tribal do a puppy version too (though not specifically for Large Breeds).

Congratulations on your new doggy by the way, it’s lovely that you’ve chosen to rescue. :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I would agree that cold pressed is a good choice for feeding along side raw or as your main food if you didn’t want to feed both. It can be fed at any age and suitable for all sizes of dog. Most isn’t grain free but it often contains brown rice which doesn’t seem to cause as many issues as other grains can. I haven’t had experience of any food specifically for larger breeds but maybe somebody else will have.

You can add all your requirements to the dog food filter and it will find options for you. this thread tells you how to use it.

All recommendations will be based on personal experiences and preferences and most of us have chosen after much trial and error when trying to find something that suits our individual dogs. Dogs are all different but as a guideline, whatever you feed should not cause any excessive wind, allergic reaction or yeast problems and stools should be fairly solid and easy to pick up.

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