Rinti original tins (VEGETABLE BYPRODUCT)

Hello all, never posted before so I’m sorry if I’ve done something wrong, I’ve recently noticed on a tin of Rinti it has vegetable byproduct in its inventory, I’ve been asked by an all about dog food admin person to show a picture of this so they can adjust the review accordingly.

Problem is I’ve recently switched to another food and have no tins left!

So my question is does anyone have a tin of Rinti (original) to show this on the back? I just need a picture lol, I can’t find it for the life of me on the internet only the front of the tin!

I would buy a tin but I have to spend a minimum of £19 on zooplus which seems steep
Many thanks

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for your post and yes, it is in the correct section. I hope that someone can help in your quest for a photograph of the label. Possibly the AADF Facebook page might yield some results because it tends to be busier than the forum. However, although the forum is quieter, it does get a lot of views so maybe someone will respond.

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