Selling puppies in pet shops

There has been a campaign by Pup Aid for all mothers of puppies to be seen before a new pup is bought, They got together a petition for questions to be asked in Parliament and it duly did a couple of months back - all well and good, something I totally support. Since then this campaign has turned into banning the sale of puppies in pet shops which has been with resounding puzzlement by the majority of the pet trade as it seems no one knows where there are actually puppies still being sold in pet shops. It is correct that to sell puppies you do need a pet shop license but the premises can be a kennels or a farm. Knowing the way that, in some areas, checking these licenses is lax to say the least, this is how the puppy farmers are beating the system.

So, cut a long story short - Does anyone out there know of an actual pet shop with puppies for sale on the premises? I don’t mean boarding kennels with a shop attached, but actual ‘high street’ pet shops. Ive asked around and in the North West there only seems to be Dogs 4 You in Manchester which is a big place that sells puppies, I would appreciate any news or info - IM me if you don’t want to post it here.
PS I am not a nutter and wont go firebombing places!

Interesting question. I’d wondered about this too, as the only place I ever knew that sold puppies was Harrods, and they stopped ages ago. I know it’s a problem in the USA, but here I think we need to be more concerned with people breeding just because they can, as well as puppy farmers and illegal importers.

They are there. A very quick google for ‘pet shop with puppies london’ brings this up as no 1 result:

And they deliver too!

And, dear lord, look at this:

You can buy a puppy now, online.

I think thats Hanwell Pet Store - as far as I am aware they don’t have puppies on the premises but bring them for ‘viewing’ in store -,-0.3402365,3a,15y,233.39h,85.12t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sJhZKi6ovzHj2Jb87_70fmw!2e0 - if you look at photos on the website the puppies are ‘mixed pedigrees’ cockerpoo, jackahuahus etc photographed on ‘cute’ backgrounds and this is typical of puppy farms, the puppy that will be brought for viewing is a mixed breed so will look different to the photo.
Thanks for the info, but what I am really looking for is actual pet shops with puppies in store - according to the research for pup aid etc, I think they say 16% are sold in pet shops - that’s at least 150,000 puppies a year are sold in pet shops - I’d expect someone to know where these puppies are being sold - no one in the trade knows and when you consider there are only 2% of pet shops allowed to sell puppies ( these are often boarding kennels) that means some one must know a pet shop with puppies for sale? Any help would be appreciated

Looks like Dogs 4 Us does they seem to have branches in Manchester and Leeds

Off topic but mentioning Harrods. We went a year or so before they stopped selling puppies. They had some gorgeous cocker pups £3000 each :o No prizes for guessing who got the big profits