staffordshire bull terriors

Im fed up or reading what foods to feed our dogs,i give her one then read its bad, shes a fussy eater as it is,she will eat 1 brand of food for a bit then go off it so i have to go to another brand,can anyone tell me what brand is best for a stafforshire bull terrior female aged 2, thanku :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are having problems with your Stafford. I understand how confusing it is to find a suitable food - we have so many choices these days. It would help if you could say what you have tried and what your successes and failures have been.

In order to gauge what would be best it would be helpful if you told us what you are currently feeding her and what you have been feeding her? What is her activity levels, your budget and what is important to you in a dog food?

I’ve got a two year old staffie and I feed her Orijen as I want to feed her the very best and it has to be grain free, hypoallergenic and free from any nasties while providing good value for money. At 60 pence a day, Orijen does exactly that. She is also quite an active dog so it suits her and has given her tremendous muscle definition, tone and her coat is a slick, shiny black.