Recommendation for Staffie puppy food

Can anyone please recommend good balanced food for staffie puppy dry and wet that doesn’t cost the earth?
I’ve been using Step up to Naturals however I’ve noticed that the content has rice and maize which is not the best ingredient to have in a dog food and the meat content is not that high.
Staffies can also get sensitive skin and she already has smelly farts however her stools are fine. Any nutritional advice would be greatly appreciated as I need to buy some more food soon and would like to possibly start converting her slowly. Thank you

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Try Butchers wet :point_right:

It’s one of the best budget wet foods out there, no nasty fillers.

And for dry try Harringtons Grain free Superfoods :point_right:

Once you puppy is an adult you can switch to the adult versions, or if you wanted to go back to Step Up they do a Grain free Adult. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you so much for your advice. I have already got Butchers wet food and she really enjoys it so it’s a good start and pleased I see you recommending it too.
The only thing I am not sure is whether it’s good to go grain free even though I haven’t identified any allergies in her. I still have Step up to Naturals Dry the whole large bag so I carry on giving it to her mixed with Butchers and I will look up Harringtons but as I said not sure I should go fully Grain Free…


Ava sensitive skin and stomach white fish would be an amazing route.
I have a Staffordshire bull terrier on this food, she arrived on iams and stunk the house out within an hour so we changed her to the AVA as we already had a border collie on it and the change was amazing.
No more stink or dry horrible coat.
We get complements everywhere we go and now have a 3rd dog we have just changed over to this and hes a very happy pup.
Hope this helps

Consider trying Harringtons Puppy Complete dry food or Lily’s Kitchen Puppy wet food. Both brands use quality ingredients without fillers like maize and have higher meat content. These options are also known to be gentle on sensitive skin and reduce gas issues.