Stains and Colloidial Silver

Sorry I have been gone way too long and having a catch up day with the forum…
Here’s a few things I’ve been working on…
I’ve had some good results lately treating bacteria, yeast and red stains under the eye and chin that were wet from tears or drinking water, red fur between the paw pads and thought I’d share the results.

I was using a name brand Colloidal silver in liquid form and gel at 15% ppm …it was helping my females wet weepy eyes but it didn’t last all day and it wasnt strong enough to kill the bacteria causing the problem with facial staining. Colloidial Silver has been used for century’s in people as a natural antibiotic and bacteria can not grow in its presence.

The 15% gel formula ( Same manufacturer ) wasn’t suitable for long facial hair as I left it sticky and eventually hard. But the gel did work better on paw pads…applied at nighttime when it had a chance to stay on the paw longer.

So I read all the PDF files on manufacturing Colloidial Silver and found not every brand is the same…cutting to the short story…it’s how Not how finely the silver into microns but rather the weight added per million to sterile water…Also the process of of charging the ion in the silver is important in manufacturing.

So I found a UK supplier that was manufactured under laboratory conditions at 30% ppm…That’s double my previous.
999 Silver (80% ionic, 20% particulate) in steam distilled water, Ph 8.46. Average particle size 27 nm as determined by TEM.
The results started showing within one week…

Abby had a whisker pad that stayed so wet all the time from tears the hair was actually rotting in patches.
Her eyes were no longer weeping with tears, the mucous deposits were minimum in the morning and she was no longer rubbing her face on anything upright because it itched. Now her face and eyes stayed dry around the clock with a fine spray twice a day.
Her red stained white hair got no deeper in color and white new hair was growing in with no stains what so ever.
Her face no longer smells of yeast and she’s not rubbing her face on furniture anymore.

After one month a noticeable difference as you will see.

With such good results I started my male on the same spray for red stains from tearing in his deep skin fold and got the same results. Dryer eyes, staining lessened.

Are my results the typical? That I do not know…But I can attest it did work on my two dogs.
It must be applied twice a day and without fail for it to work. Abby’s eyes will go back to tearing excessively if I stopped but she is a ill bred puppy mill dog with bad genetic’s.
My male is a better bred dog but I know him and his tear fold…no air gets in there and it’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria…wet and dark…so I apply it every day.
As the old stains grow out I’m trimming just the tips…so in another month Abby will have white whiskers again and a white chin.

So here’s my results in pictures…


I’d like to thank you for sharing this - I am just starting out on the answer to tears and staining with my puppy