The Naturo range of dog foods

For those who aren’t on Facebook, David has just posted about his review of the Naturo range of dog foods.

[url=]The Naturo range[/url] is finally listed on the Dog Food Directory! Thanks for your patience with this one. It's made in Ireland, sold in Tesco and is probably the best dog food yet to make it into UK supermarkets (the wet varieties at least - their dry foods are quite disappointing).

Of course, I would still urge pet owners to support their local pet shops as much as possible but the very fact that good quality pet foods like Naturo are now being stocked by supermarkets is a sure sign that consumers are finally waking up and demanding more for their pets which can only be a good thing!

A few people have gone for this on our foster forum. The amount to feed a 16kg dog has been reported to be 1kg but I see the 126kcal rating so three times more is needed. Just sounds a lot of food compared to what I give my dogs. The website does give a guide for mixing with dry food which I think I would go for, although at 10% protein I wouldn’t be using a mixer. I know wet feed is the most expensive and that 10% of quality protein is fine.