Which one?

I have a 2 yr old Bichon who is on true instinct wet pouches mixed with true instinct dry food. Sometimes he does take a while to eat his morning meal. I’m trying to give him the best quality food but find it’s lik a mine field standing in the pet shop looking at all of the ingredients. Other than having to cook myself can anyone suggest food I can buy that is nearest to that or is what I’m giving him good quality?

True Instinct products are part of the Natures Menu range and can be found under that name in the Dog Food Directory. They are high quality foods and the score for the wet food True Instinct High Meat Adult Small Breed is 92%. The score for True Instinct Raw Boost Adult (complete dry extruded) is 87%. You have therefore made good choices and if your dog is doing well on the food you should be ok to continue with it.

With regards to him taking a long time to eat there could be a few reasons. Some dogs like to graze, particularly when they don’t have competition from another dog. Pet owners sometimes find that they can feed smaller quantities of high meat content foods. If your dog has good body condition, his weight is alright and has firm poos then there should be no reason to change food.

That’s good to know, thank you.
Have you any knowledge about tribal dog food?

Tribal website is here. They sell cold pressed and wet food plus treats. Their cold pressed food nutritional rating is 84% for the adult version. I haven’t used it myself but I have fed other cold pressed foods over a long period of time. My choice was the brown rice types, not grain free and the dogs did well on it. With any dried food there is the issue of feeding the same food day after day with no variety so I used to reduce the quantity and top up with various other cooked food such as fish, chicken, egg.