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Hi I am mum to our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is 12 weeks old and we have had her almost a month. I am hoping to gain more knowledge about her food.This week she has really found her naughty side and biting anything she can find including me and hubby.

my pup is doing this a lot lately too! I think they’re just teething really bad :frowning: I made some homemade popsicles and he LOVES to chew the silicone and eat the treat afterwards

Hi thank you for your reply. Can you tell me how you make your popsicles. I have since bought Freya a Nylabone teething chew and she loves it, not sure if it helps her teething. She is still biting us and anything metal.

Hi Freya, I suppose you could introduce a variety of things she can chew and gnaw on. When my dog was teething he used to enjoy carrots. It’s also good exercise for you as you spend lots of time in a stooped walk picking up fragments of carrots wherever she’s been!

Aww thank you for that.She has bitten me twice today.She hasn’t drawn blood and I am sure it is just a puppy thing. She just isn’t learning by us telling her “ no” and giving her a toy to play with in exchange for biting.I do put her in a crate for ‘time out’ when she does it. I will try some carrot tomorrow, she has had carrot on her food before so I know she likes it. I took her out in the garden to run off some of her energy, but she just started biting again when she came back in.
Thank you again for your help it is much appreciated.

Good luck, I hope it helps.

It’s a puppy thing. They play and explore and learn with their mouths. Just carry on with the gentle admonishment and they will grow out of it. I’m not sure rewarding her with toys or food every time she bites you will work in the long term however! We usually use a ferocious, growly NO! and turn away and make a point of stopping play immediately for a few seconds so they then learn to associate biting with a negative reaction. My 2 puppies are 18 weeks now. One has grown out of it now but the other not so much yet.