What did you mainly feed your dogs 5 years ago

I wonder would it be useful to see in a poll how feeding our dogs has changed over time. Let’s start by asking what we mainly fed our dogs 5 years ago.

Please say if there is an option missing in the poll and I’ll happily add it. Thanks in advance to all who vote.

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This is a tough question because I had four dogs five years ago and have tried various foods to meet their needs, one of which is/was weight control. I never changed food for the sake of it though. I can’t be 100% sure but it would be mostly complete kibble but I did try a quality wet food which did not work out very well at all.

Many years ago I gave them Pedigree Chum or similar and mixer biscuit. That was commonplace at the time. I also had a spell of home cooking using cuts like beef cheek from the butcher. Used to put it in the pressure cooker. In those days we did not have all these varieties of dry complete.

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Thanks Dottie, yes it will be interesting to see the results and compare how we fed our dogs then to how we feed them now.

Many years ago I gave them Pedigree Chum or similar and mixer biscuit................In those days we did not have all these varieties of dry complete.
I agree absolutely, this was how it was, feeding choice was so very different to today.

I can’t really say for this one as my current dog is my first. My Mother used to feed her dogs butchers tripe and table scraps. I remember that they all had bad wind :-X

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Thanks Tinyplanets, a tin of dog meat plus table scraps was often the ‘norm’ for domestic dogs.

Good timing.

Back in very early 90’s I confess to feeding Beta complete, Chum & Winalot Prime.

Evolution of my Lab’s food bowl contents from 8 weeks to present (5 years old)…

Various considerations along the way but chosen foods below.

JWB (bag came with him as a pup)
Arden Grange
Skinners F&T
Chapel Farm Performance 24+
Millies Wolfheart Agility Mix
Akela Fish
Nutriment Raw Complete (salmon formula mainly) &/or Wolftucker Raw Complete (various), plus occasional veg leftovers.

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Re the Beta…the (GSD) puppy we had back then, (26 years ago).came to us from breeder on it (strongly recommended). We continued him on it but switched to tinned wet and biscuit mixer.

Back then we didn’t have internet, choices were few with many other owners arguably as ignorant as I was. IIrc Iams eukanuba was the kibble of choice for those with deeper pockets.

Going back further .I recall as a kid in mid 70’s, family sourced a Border Collie Pup. The diet sheet supplied recommended feeding fresh lamb beef and venison & game…ironically the same dog went on to be raised on pedigree chum plus table scraps. He actually lived to around 12-13 years and only saw vet for injuries unintentionally caused by my fathers questoonable handling skills.

Anyway back to focus of this topic - I hope others share their experiences &/or vote.

I know plenty of you folk view threads but it would be good I viewers vote &/or post too !

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Here here Coaster, all input on this thread is appreciated. :smiley:

It’s easy to be a part of the poll, by simply clicking the box next to your option. This is after you join the allaboutdogfood forum & that’s easy too!

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Come on folks…If everyone took info and didn’t give it in life we would all be far less informed !

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Five years ago it would have been the Prize Choice range and Burns Hypo-Allergenic Mixer, before then it must have been Forthglade raw but I cannot remember what with. Regarding the poll does a mixer come under "some dry complete? as it is not a fully fledged complete.

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Thanks Seaweed, I’ll add mixers as further options to the poll.

My dog was bred on Beta puppy too (from breeders) but then she went off it completely and didn’t want to know! I then tried a little known company called Wuffitmix which she loved but then went off it again! She wouldn’t eat for days at a time until I switched Bakers (which she LOVE LOVE LOVED and put on weight!) so then to Arden Grange light to get her back down. Now looking at other alternatives…


5 years ago our goldies food was all dry, vets kitchen.


Thank you to those who have already voted and for any additional information about what you mainly fed your dogs 5 years ago.
Thank you in advance for future poll voting and posts!

Thank you so far to those who have already voted and for your helpful postings too! 8)


Here is a gentle nudge & hint …Your input would be really appreciated! So by your voting in the poll you are helping these results to more accurately reflect the current feeding trends. :wink:

And if you prefer you can vote in the poll without writing a post and that’s appreciated too!

Iused to feed her dogs butchers tripe and table scraps.

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Thanks dozemi, yes indeed, over the years tins of dog meat and table scraps were the accustomed daily diet for domestic dogs.

It will be interesting to see if this daily diet of what we were mainly feeding our dogs 5 years ago differs to what we are mainly feeding our dogs nowadays.