What is so marvellous about owning dogs??!

We some of us have no pets … by contrast it rather goes without saying that some of us have specific animals in our lives, for a miriad of reasons. So why dogs?

Just what is it about dogs? WHY do we have these 4 legged critters with waggy tails and pleading eyes in our lives…?

Well I’ll kick this off with …

Dogs allow us to be ourselves, and regardless of how we got out of bed today, they accept us just as we are . ;D

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When I was a youngster we had at least one budgerigar and later on we had a cat. I did not acquire a dog until my adult years and have never wanted any other type of pet. They have been a dominant feature in my life during these past 40+ years, particularly as I have occasionally bred and shown my dogs. For the vast majority of that time I’ve had more than one dog, the most being four. We never wanted to leave the dogs so on the occasions that we took a holiday they came with us.

My friends are all dog people and we talk of not much else! The dogs have therefore been a big part of my social life. At this stage I look back at all the time, money, enjoyment and heartache they have given me and wonder why I did it. I suppose the answer is that they have given me a reason for going on, even when times have been hard. They always need caring for so you can’t sit and wallow for very long. The daily walking routine keeps me moving and clears my head so although I sometimes can’t be bothered, I make the effort and it’s worth it. The two that I have now are very precious because we are getting on in years so they will probably be the last. I hope that they will benefit by the experience gained over my dog owning years and live a long, healthy and happy life.

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I echo your sentiments Dottie…no matter the wonderful pets that have come and go over the years, and all have their special memories… nonetheless it is, the dogs that always have, (and still are) the greatest influence.

Without exception each dog has become a wonderful companion, each dog having their own individuality too, regardless of (anyone’s) expectations.

[glow=red,2,300][size=27pt] Dogs make us feel happy 8)
[li][size=12pt] and are intelligent :wink:

  • [size=12pt] and provide companionship :slight_smile:

  • [size=12pt] and force us to exercise :wink:

  • [size=12pt] and lower our blood pressure :slight_smile:

  • [size=12pt] and comfort us when we are sad :-[

  • [size=12pt] and help us to socialise ;D

  • [size=12pt] and willingly ‘work’ for us :slight_smile:

  • [size=13pt] and with their appreciative, gracious acceptance of whatever time we can give to them …just somehow in their own special way …dogs have the wonderful inate ability to help make the world seem an altogether happier place ;D

[My brazen, unabashedly brash, toot-across-the-rooftops message, touching on how I feel connected with dogs]

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