As anyone heard of this food please help

Got a Staffie puppy and struggling to get him to eat dry food. If I only feed him dry he will eat just enough to stay alive tried tripe etc would not touch. The only thins I can get him to eat is chickin and rice or mince or potatoes etc so I’m using multivitamins as well. The other day I got a few sample of this but its foreign and cant find out a lot about it. Does anyone know if it’s any good or can tell off the ingredients as he loved the sample.
fitmin for live the puppy one. On there site you can see ingredients thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. The product is not in the Dog Food Directory. The puppy version is on the company website here. I copied and pasted the ingredients into the Instant Dog Food Review Generator where it scored 2.7 out of 5. It has a number of red ingredients. You can try this yourself if you wish although I have made a snip of the result:

I am wondering if your dog likes this food because of the dried (sugar) beet pulp that is in it. Occasionally dry food is not palatable to certain dogs and in cases like this it may be more acceptable to add a topper or perhaps change to wet food. There are some really excellent wet food products on the market these days. The other thing that might make your dog a bit more interested in the food is to pour a drop of warm water on it to bring out some of the aroma.

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Hi thanks for you help. I have tried eukanuba royal Cain and science plan. All dry all with a cut of water on and even boiled and blended I even boiled it in milk and blended it to make it taste nicer to tempt him. I tried James welveloved wet food and another one I forgot name of. In 2 week he did not eat and had the odd tiny mouth full just enough to survive. I took 4 bags of food to dogs home that had only 1 potion out. He was lifeless sleeping around 20 hours a day. I also tried tripe with no joy. The only things I can get him to eat is mince and rice chickin and rice or a bit of mash porridge things like that. So I am adding multi vitamins for puppys. Where I bought him from they had been feeding him scrabbled egg and home cooked food. This is the only dry food I have seen him eat I really want him on a complete dog food. If there is anything you could recommend I will give it a try.

I can’t help but feel that there is something not quite right with your pup. He doesn’t sound at all well. Puppies should have a hearty appetite and be full of life. I think it would be best to have him checked out by a vet and to have a full blood screen. I am sorry I can’t be more helpful but going on your post, I would hesitate to suggest a different type of food because this anorexia could be due a problem with his liver or kidneys. If you do see the vet, please would you post back to let us know the outcome?

I’ll have a word with vet. Don’t think there is anything wrong with him Thoe he has a very healthy appetite if it’s anything home cooked he will eat a lot of food no problem. He will sit there crying as you are cooking food and eat it all before it ha cooled. I descovered this just as I was getting worried about him he had not eaten properly since I got him for 2 week he was 2.2kg. I made myself some porridge for breakfast and he went mad jumping up at me crying and crying so as he’d not eaten I tried a bit he eaten the big bowl full no problem. but the minuet I put dry or wet food down he just stops eating it he is very stubborn. He has been eating the cooked food for a extra 3 week now and he’s 5.2kg now he went vets on sat for kennel cough vaccine and they said he was perfect weight. He eats 3 bowl fulls a day. I have another dog and he eats his dry food no problem I weigh it out every day and he has limited amount of dog treats. It’s so easy to keep him at the correct weight and know he’s getting everything that he should have.

Your post describes a different picture - one of a dog that is a bit choosy rather than poorly. In the absence of anything physical causing this problem then you probably have two choices: continue to give him home cooked food, making sure that there is nothing in it that is harmful to dogs or choose a good quality dog food and stick it out. Dogs tend not to deliberately starve themselves. If you choose the home cooked route then do as much research as you can in order to provide him with as balanced a diet as possible. It’s not easy so you will need to give some time over to it. If you prefer him to have commercial dog food then I am afraid it is a case of being very firm with him and not giving up. You can, of course make it a tad more tasty by adding a bit of sardines, chicken or a small wet food topper. However, the home cooked food will have to stop as he will then have won his argument.