Cane corso’s feed

I have a 5 month old male cane Corso , he is currently on taste of the wild , pine forest, all life stages . I am getting mixed reviews about this dog food.
Is this the right choice or is there something better out there that would suit him better, for around the £40-50 price mark , he enjoys the flavour, and his coat is shinny.
Thanks in advance , j

Hello and welcome to the forum. I am unable to find Pine Forest on the Dog Food Directory but the Adult Dry varieties are here and attract a score of 76% with one red ingredient, salt. Normally the advice is that if your dog is doing OK on it’s current food then there should be no reason to change. It would be helpful if you could tell us what the negative reviews are and your particular concerns.

We don’t usually give advice on any particular product but we can help you to search for something using the Dog Food Directory. There is a budget filter on there.

Personally, I feel that all dry food has the drawback of the dog having no variety. However, this can be ameliorated by sometimes reducing the RDA a little and topping up with some suitable fresh cooked food, including mashed vegetables. Rodney Habib discusses this here and here.

From an environmental point of view, the food is manufactured in the USA so has a lot of miles to cover before it gets here.