Good Afternoon

Hello all,

I’d like to introduce the beautiful Lizzy and somewhat dimwitted Roger.

Lizzy is half staffy, quarter dobermann and quarter GSD, odd as that might sound. She’s 11 on the 3rd of October and I rescued her about 7 years ago. She enjoys sun bathing, eating and agility…at her own pace, also doing her own course. Basically, she does whatever she feels like, when she feels like it.

Roger is an (almost) 2 year old, full staffy, and he isn’t nearly so lazy. Although his big sister usually starts the trouble, he is the one that is always on the go and looking to play with anyone/thing he can. He also does agility and obedience, although he cannot retrieve to save his life. On the plus side, he does know his lefts and rights better than I do.

I attempted to post photos, but unfortunately technology hates me today…so there we go.

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Good afternoon Psychedelic. What an interesting mixture Lizzy is; it was so good of you to rescue her and to give her a good life. It’s rather predictable that Roger won’t retrieve - terriers don’t like giving up anything. Well done with the agility though. I often think that owners need to be as fit as the dogs because they seem to have to run around the ring too. Bit too much for me at my age - I’d be collapsed on the floor after one lap! LOL

I honestly think he just gets lost on the way back… ;D

And yes, agility is rather tiring, particularly with a little pocket rocket. Although actually, bouncing around waiting for Lizzy to eventually walk down the a-frame is pretty tiring too :stuck_out_tongue: