greenwoods brand

just wanting to know if anyone as tried this brand which i found on zooplus i think its a new brand made in the UK think its not been reviewed on this site because its a new brand

I saw this in pets corner the other day when I ran in to grab something else. I took a quick look at the ingredients on one of the bags, and if I recall correctly there was a lot of rice in it. There seems to be some ingredient splitting going on too; I’m fairly sure there was white and brown rice listed separately so it isn’t shown as the first ingredient.

I have just done the instant review generator for this food in the food properties it only makes 2 of the 5 which are natural and clearly labelled. In the rating it gets 3.1 out of 5

Correna, I think the food you saw in Pets Corner was probably their new food, GreenAcres as opposed to Zooplus’ new food Greenwoods. I guess green is in this season. Either way, they are not too dissimilar from each other and are both cut from a very similar cloth to brands like James Wellbeloved, Collards, Barking Heads, Lovejoys or several dozen others out there all based heavily on rice and meat meal, natural, hypoallergenic etc. Both score around 3.5 out of 5. I’ll let you know when the full reviews go live.