Hi all,

A quick intro and please feel free to msg me for advice as every question challenges my thirst for knowledge.

I am a domestic animal nutritionist (well 2 months from qualification) and spend most of my time looking at labels on bags to analyse what is in foods and how good it is, discussing with clients their needs and delivering my own products. Within my team that I source additional advice from I have vets, behaviourists and a ruck of nutritionists including a lecturer from Cambridge University.

Do I have food hates? Yes poor quality so not against raw, homemade, wet or dry as each can be made well or dreadful. I focus on honesty of label so that you know what you are getting and placing appropriate foods in the right animals. My frustration is people who believe they are experts as its something they have heard or read.

I have a 5 year old Springer and a 9 month old pocket Pointer to keep me entertained.

Rather belated, but welcome to the forum and thank you for joining our active member ranks. I have read your previous posts with interest, particularly as it was clear that you have done a lot of work on this subject. Congratulations on completing your course. I would be most interested to know which one you did and if you could share some information about the course that would be useful. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard.

Thanks for opening this thread…it puts your content into context.

Many of us within this community discuss foods we haven’t actually fed so labels are important. I scrutinise labellng albeit beng mindful that labels seldom tell the whole story.

Dont want to hijack your thread so may start another topic on this.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. It is good to have you on board. There are usually lots of questions requiring some expert knowledge and mostly we are just pet owners with an interest.

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