Nature diet puppy

Hello, I’m new here and have just started changing my 15week shih tzu puppy to Naturediet.
Not sure how much a day to feed. She is 2.7 kg, currently still has 4 meals a day. I am thinking maybe 1/2 to 1 tray a day ?
Does this seem right?
Thanks Jo

Hello and welcome to the forum Joanne13, I looked in the directory and slid the weight gauge to 2.5kg on the nature diet puppy and it looks like they recommend 397g a day. Often the RDA turn out to be a little high especially if you haven’t factored in training treats etc.

My dog sometimes has nature diet adult and they recommend 336g a day. I give her closer to 220gs but her reactivity training is on going so she does have a fair few treats.

Whatever food I give, I decide on an amount and monitor weight closely. With some foods I have found the RDA is right, some less is needed naturediet being one of them and some I need to feed more like natures menu.

Thank you tiny planets. I was thinking probably about a tray a day. I will see how she goes :slight_smile:

Hi! I used to feed Naturediet to my Rough Collie (sadly died 12 years ago). It was the only food available at the time that did not cause severe “liquid” poo issues! I fed this food for nearly 20 years! The recommended amount to feed a dog of my collie’s weight is 3 -3 1/2 trays daily. I found that despite him being a very active dog (he regularly accompanied me whilst riding out my then boss’ horses) if he had more than 1 tray a day he would pile the weight on. For my cairns the recommended amount is 1 tray daily. They used to get 1/3 a day and have weight issues.

I see your pup is only 15 weeks old, so I know that it will need more food than an adult, but if you decide to stay feeding Naturediet once your pup is an adult, then I would definitely feed atleast 1/2 of the recommended adult quantity and monitor the weight carefully.