Portion sizes used to work out cost per day


Anybody else struggle to work out how the site works out the portion size to show the cost of a food.

Example Wainwrights Large breed puppy - back of the pack says 2-6months - 430 to 470g / day

AADF states 230g/day if pup is 3 months and 9KG and at 5 months and 12KG 241g /day, so this is less than half what it says on the pack. I’ve seen similar with others too

Just wondering what to believe

Many thanks for bringing that to my attention, Gordon. The listing was quite outdated so I have brought everything up to date now. If you let me know where else you have spotted inaccurate information, I’ll get that fixed too.

Keeping the info for so many products up-to-date is proving an uphill battle but I am working on a system that should lighten the load. Fingers crossed.