Wainwrights Dog Food Quantities


I have a 16kg small Border Collie, 3 years of age ex rescue dog and owned only for the last 5 weeks. She loves the Wainwrights Adult Wet foods. We have both the 395g tins and also the 395g Trays. Following the guidelines on the tins (medium 12kg - 25kg, 1 - 2 tins per day) I would give my dog roughly 1.3 tins per day. The same logic for the trays (medium 12kg - 25kg, 1.5 - 2.5 trays per day), then she would need 1.5 trays. Assuming the food content is the same (?), why is there a difference between the two when the tin and the tray contain the same amount of food ? Also, if I also mixed this with a handful of Nature’s Menu mighty mixer, by how much should I reduce the wet food quantity ?

Hello and welcome to the forum, Looking at the fat content and comparing the foods in the dog food directory. It looks like the tins are higher in fat. 33 % compared to 25 % That may explain why slightly less is recommended.

I occasionally add some cold pressed to my dogs dinner but just sparingly and I just give about 10% less raw complete. I am not to precise but then it isn’t often. So not sure about that one sorry.