Puppy Food Amount- Pedigree

Hi :slight_smile:

I have an 8 month old Shih Tzu puppy. He weighs about 8kg and I have been feeding him Royal Canin food since I got him at 8 weeks old. I recently ran out and went to the supermarket to try something different which is where I found the pedigree puppy pouches. According to the box, I should be feeding him 8 pouches a day. This seems a lot but I don’t want to underfed him.

Has anyone else had experiences with this food?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. I haven’t used it but that seems like a lot of food. What is the weight of each pouch? 8kg sounds heavy for a shih tzu puppy as well.

I couldn’t find the food on the dog food directory but pedigree food in general does not score highly due to a lack of clarity in terms of the ingredients.

You could try using the dog food directory to look for a food within your budget

*Go to the home page

*On the top right hand side you will see the quick search tool

*Enter the details for your dog and available budget

*Click on go to full dog food directory and look to the left hand side of the directory to filter your options further.

*Press go and the search should come up with suitable foods for you to look at.

I found this tool really useful. I was able to research further some of the options and therefore able to make a more informed choice for my dog.