Re homing Muffin

Muffin is my first dog as a grown up and a former dogstrust resident.She was estimated to be 3 when we brought her home. It has certainly been a journey. She was a stray so had a completely unknown history. She was very nervous of lots of things and we still have some fear issues around other dogs, mostly when she is on a short lead.

We use counter condition techniques to help manage her fears and try to keep things as predictable as possible for her. She is a small terrier mix, Cairnish in appearance and she is a massive personality. She is full of fun and attitude. We love her dearly and would not change anything about her.

The decision to adopt was one of the best ones we made but I will be honest and say there were a few tearful moments in the early days. I had so much support from forums like the Cairn forum who also kind of adopted her despite her questionable parentage!. They helped me through all my first time owner worries.

For anyone thinking about re homing, I would say, do your homework and be prepared but try not to be put off by any potential problems. We have gained so much and most problems can easily be managed when you understand them.

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It has been lovely to follow Muffin’s story and I know from reading it from the very beginning that she has a fabulous home where her mum and dad accept her just as she is and love her a great deal. We have a lot in common because I too rescued a Dogs Trust elderly Cairn in 2010. Possibly she had some mixed parentage too. She came with health problems and had been badly neglected so it was a challenge right from the beginning. Sadly she died a few months ago. We loved her to bits and missed her greatly. :cry:

You are so lucky that Muffy was younger and you will hopefully have her for much longer. Rescue dogs can sometimes need a lot of time and patience but they are so very rewarding.

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