Salmon Oil or None Fish Oils

Hi all,

I’m doing some research into different salmon oils and other oil supplements.

I had been told by someone that cheaper brands of salmon oil are often mixed with lower quality oils like olive or vegetable. How true is this?

I have yet to find any solid evidence of this and would like to know if anyone can shed any light. Every brand of salmon oil i have looked into says “99.5% to 100% salmon oil” on their products. The ones under 100% have added antioxidants.

My second question is, what other oils are there that you would recommend in place of salmon oil?
I have heard positive things about algae oil, do any of you use this?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hello @Pink91 !
This sounds like a very interesting research. I have checked the salmon oil I use for my dogs and as you say, label states 100% salmon oil.

It would for sure be educational to find some more information about it.

As to other oils, there is the flaxseed option, some people like to add coconut oil too. I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve by adding oil to your dogs diet.

Keep me posted if you find any more information/studies


I used to give salmon oil - always with natural vitamin E - but stopped for fear of heavy metal contamination. I give smallest oily fish I can find instead once or twice a week (whitebait or sprats). That’s why I prefer food to have hemp seed oil or similar instead of fish or cod liver oil, but that’s just my opinion and lots of people won’t agree.