Hi, Just recently purchased forthglade lifestage grain free with duck. It contains salmon oil, BUT I can’t seem to find out how much salmon oil it contains, I already supplement salmon oil with my dogs food and of course need to know whether or not I need to stop supplementing the salmon oil, incase the food already contains enough.

Would appreciate any replies, Thank you.

You would probably need to ask the manufacturer directly.

It’s less than 2% as it’s listed after peas (2%)… but then there are only 7 ingredients listed after the Peas, making at most 14% and with the ingredients up to peas making 78% there appears to be over 8% unaccounted for???

I have emailed them, no reply yet!

Wouldn’t the other 8% be;Salmon Oil, Seaweed, Minerals, Vitamins, Yucca Extract, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Parsley, Garlic, Rosemary?

I may as well just carrying on supplementing it, no harm can come of it im guessing?

Thanks for your reply!

It is possible to give too much fish oil, so do be careful

Thanks for that, really helpful!

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“When it comes to fish oil, more is not better. In fact, too much fish oil and omega-3 can lead to a vitamin E deficiency. Some fish oils will contain vitamin E to compensate for this, but as we learned from the studies on beta carotene, vitamin A and alpha-tocopherol, synthetic vitamins don’t always act predictably in the body, especially when given over long periods of time.”

If the diet is truly balanced then there is no need to supplement at all, as everything needed should be in the food… Unfortunately you are left to judge for yourself if that is the case or not

That is very true, I will have to see how he goes and see if the salmon oil supplementation is needed. He only has a small amount of it anyway. I did used to have him on dry food but he just doesn’t like dry food and the small amount that is fed. I know its a smaller amount because its more quality. Will just have to wait for eden to release a wet food, I would 100% purchase that!

Thanks for your replies and helpful information.

Eden wet is on its way, hopefully in the next 6 months, so do keep an eye open for that :slight_smile:


Have you thought about just adding sardines or mackerel to the diet a few times a week? Choose the ones in sunflower oil, not brine.

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Forthglade are introducing a Christmas recipe.

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A good idea for those wishing to give their dog something a bit festive. I agree that you can end up giving stuff which is too rich if they get left overs. i am stingy with mine and it is just plain veg and meat. Maybe a small amount of boiled potato if she is lucky. No gravy, stuffing or roasties.

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Forthglade are introducing a Limited Edition Lamb With Spring Veg & Mint 395g. Available from early March I believe.


As mentioned this week in an article by Tim Wall on the Petfood industry website - - Forthglade are developing a new manufacturing facility in Devon, and as a result should have the capacity to increase their production of pet food by 50%.

And here are the links:


I am not surprised - the company seems to be growing very fast, especially as some of their products are now in supermarkets.


Hope just been to Crufts and Forthglafe have zero wet food on their stand. They can only offer 1kg cold pressed Jonkers food on their stand. They blame the bad weather in Devon!!!
This looks bad to me and are they in trouble ???

Yes there has been absolutely awful weather in the southwest of the UK recently with snow affecting a great many deliveries including human food staples of bread and milk; and of course food for animals too.

How the farmers have managed to feed their animals is a feat to be admired! And one can only stand back in awe of folk in other countries who continue to thrive throughout whilst experiencing continuing weather issues.

To be honest Meg, not a good answer as Zooplus and other Forthglade dealers have been continually out of stock for many weeks. Surely a couple of days of snow in Devon should not bring this sort of issue to them! Me thinks they have real problems.

Yes it’s as well to be aware that observations vary (at times considerably!) amongst folks regarding everything…including availability of food stock.

Without an indepth knowledge of how a company is thriving I’m cautious regarding interpretation, which may, perhaps positively, or negatively, influence others. The internet is a portal of considerable influence as demonstrated in the use of personal social media recently. That said there is factual information available (and in the public domain) should anyone wish to further read about any company.

I apologise in advance if my post sounds rather trite…as that is not my intention. Rather, in this instance I’m acknowledging the recent weather conditions affecting availability of food stocks for other manufacturers of both human and animal food stocks.