Show and tell!

Pictures can now be attached to posts (although they can only be seen by members) so let’s see those lovely pooches!

This is Ned, my handsome little border terrier. He’s coming up to 2 years old. Loves food, dogs, people, sticks, balls, walks, mud, wrestling… Hates sirens, nail clipping and the clothes wrack (still not sure why)


This is Zeus. He’s an eight month old miniature schnauzer. He loves playing fetch, squeaky toys, Long walks, sleeping… Lots, car journeys and cuddles especially if wet from the rain.

He dislikes motorbikes, cats and pretty much anything invading the garden.

He’s a cracking little lad whom we love very very much


David, New looks a lovely lad… Zeus absolutely loves border terriers

Ned and Zeus are very handsome.
Meet Muffin! Former dogstrust resident. Cheeky young Miss who likes a game of steal the sock. She loves her food. Enjoys a bath or a splash in a muddy puddle will be okay too. Fave perfume is ‘cadaver of Talpa europaea’ also known as ‘dead mole’ Has been known to disappear in a field for over two hours. Also seems to lose her hearing in water.
Not so keen on, motorbikes, dogs she doesn’t know, dialadogwash and having her back legs brushed!


Firstly David I meant to say Ned not new!

Muffin is beautiful… Are you sure she’s not toto? So cute. Oh Zeus seeks treasure out all the time. Aka socks!


Thanks guys, it great to put some faces to the names!

This is Indie my 2 1/2 year old Border Collie/Samoyed cross. She’s a sweetie. Likes people, long walks especially when a bit of water is involved. Knows her depth though and never goes in far enough to swim. Also likes the Tuna loaf treats I make for her and digestive biscuits. She’d play fetch all day if I let her. She gets spooked by distant shooting (shotgun). It happens too often for my liking on some of the walks I go on. I’m never sure whether it’s clay pigeon or farmers after a bit of game. She’s also not keen on noisy motorbikes.

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