Specialist Pet food survey

Hi Everyone,

My name is Laura, I’m new to the forum and work at The Sound a research company who are looking into the Ancestral pet food trend.

We are looking for dog and cat owners, in London and surrounding areas, who feed their animals specialist pet foods to take part in a 2 hour long filmed interview in their home with their pet. So I thought this might be a good place to look.
If you fit the criteria we are looking for you would be paid £90 for taking part.

If you are interested please let me know which brand of pet food you feed your pet and I will get back to you.
I have attached details of the survey you can take to register your interest or I think you can private message me here.

Many thanks


Hello Laura and welcome to the forum!

I hope it’s okay to ask a few questions as this may help to understand who you’d like to hear from.

For this particular research are you working on behalf of a specific company?

Would the filming be for in-house use or would it be broadcast?

I expect you’re aware that specialist pet foods can be fed for numerous reasons, health included. Are you limiting research specifically to particular diets? And/or particular brands?

Hi Meg,

Thanks for the questions.

Yes, we are conducting the research for a large pet food company who wants to understand the ancestral pet food trend. Unfortunately I can’t reveal the client as it may influence people’s responses.

The filming would be for internal research purposes only, to inform our client of the kind of people that feed their animals in this way and why.

We are specifically looking for ancestral pet food brand users, not raw feeders. We are open to all brands in that category.

I hope that helps!


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