Thoughts about Wonderboo air dried food

What do you think about Wonderboo’s ingredients since it mainly has rumen (tripe). There is a recipe with beef too, but was thinking the sensitive version to be better for my dog who has a sensitive stomach (miniature poodle, 2,8 years old, weight 5-6 kg).

Wonderboo Sensitive Meal:

Rumen (80 %), potato fibre (5 %), carrots, ox blood, blueberries, broccoli

4670kCal/1000g, Crude Protein 33%, Crude fat 31%, Crude fibre 6,8%, Crude Ash 2,1%, Calcium 1%, Phosphorus 0,7%, H20 3%, Carbohydrates 14%

Vitamins: A, 2400IE, D 520IE, E 12,7IE, B1 0,5mg, B2 0,2mg, B3 2,3mg, B6 0,8mg, B12 0,6mg, C 8mg, K3 0,8mg, Niacin 6mg, B3 6,0mg. Choline 32mg, Folic Acid 0,16mg, Bio- tin 0,06mg. Trace elements: Na 0,4mg, Mg 0,14mg, Cu 1,4mg, Co 0,08mg, Zn 10mg, Se 0,06mg, IO 3mg

I asked for the omega 6 and 3 ratio but they answered that there is only omega 3 in Nordic Salmon Trout recipe since they only use natural sources of omega. I’m not sure should I feed that though since the salmon trout is probably from the Baltic sea that has lots of environmental toxic.

What do you think about Sensitive Meal? I was thinking adding up cooked ground beef and sardines.

The ingredients, when put in the review generator . came out with a score of 91% so it looks pretty good.

If you click on tools, on the top bar, you will find a review generator. Just add the ingredients to see what the rating is.

Thank you for answering. I did try the tool but I also wanted an opinion from you guys since I was unsure if it’s ok the main ingredient to be rumen and the ingredient list to be that short.

I had not heard of this food until you mentioned it so I can’t say much more than Tinyplanets. Tripe is reputed to be nutritious for dogs but there is a lot of it in the recipe so if you try it I would advise a slow transition. You are concerned about omega ratio but this is not always given by manufacturers. I am wondering if fresh food would meet your criteria. It might be worth considering.

Fresh food that I could add are ground beef and sardines. I’ve read that sardines should be bought in water or natural oil like olive but without salt. Sadly I couldn’t find any sardines without added salt, John West 90 gram sardines in water have 1 gram salt, is this ok?

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Salt is marked as a red ingredient on the Dog Food Directory - link. As mentioned, I give sardines in tomato sauce but I think that they too have some salt in the ingredient list. Sardines in water are available - Waitrose has them.