Trixie Premium Dog Harness

Does anybody use these? Ive used one for my boy for 2 years now, so obviously it has quite a bit of wear and tear and I can remember ordering him a medium… while he was still kind of puppyish? now he is full grown so of course I have still went for the medium. This time the neck hoop seems huge! so I thought… Ok I must of ordered the small/medium ordered that and it was tiny the d ring and even the clips were tiny so I definitely must of ordered the medium size?

Was just curious if anybody has heard of any changes to the harness etc?

have you tried contacting Trixie directly?,230

The Medium have larger clips and D ring than the small/medium - the sizes are still the same measurements and to be honest I can’t remember any changes in these harnesses and we’ve stocked them for years

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I have, no reply!

And this is my problem, when I received the small/medium the clips were tiny and looked they would break if my dog pulled to hard, the d ring was tiny. Im just confused as to why neither harness is fitting, when I’ve had either the medium or small/medium since 2013 for my boy.

I wouldn’t worry about the clips or D ring breaking - we have never had a harness returned broken - chewed yes! - can’t help with the sizes though