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Looking around at Organic products, one of my search results was this, Woof House. I thought of April initially. Does anybody have more info?

About us -

Woof House Ltd was established in 2011 by sisters, Sue and Pam. We recognised the need for healthier pet nutrition. Just like you we are passionate about the dogs and cats that share our lives.

We have over 30 years experience of living and working with dogs and cats. We have been involved with obedience training, agility, showing, judging and breeding our own beloved Irish Wolfhounds as well as rescuing various breeds. Sue has many years experience and training in animal nutrition. We know that, just like humans, each dog or cat is different, as are their individual dietary requirements.

We have been involved in the breeding of dogs for over 30 years giving us in-depth knowledge of breeds great and small. We still share our lives with our Irish Wolfhounds, but,we also love our little 17 year old Dachshund who may be small in stature but as all petite dog owners will know they are big in personality.

Our many dogs and cats have taught us that no one diet fits all. Sadly we found that the ingredients in many pet foods can cause difficulties for both pet and owner! One of the most obvious is runny stools, which can be difficult to ‘poop scoop’ and result in unavoidable fouling, owner embarrassment and a hefty fine.

So we created a range of feeds that supports all life stages. Our range of foods caters for all breed types in cats and dogs whether working, showing, or as your best friend.

The aim of Woof House Ltd was to provide a dog and cat food that was as near to a natural diet as possible. We now know that a complete hypo-allergenic food can be healthy, digestible, functional and enjoyable. There is no need for additives, preservatives, or artificial colorants.

Wheat, wheat gluten, dairy, egg, beef, pork products and soya have been excluded from our feeds as they can often cause problems like itchy skin, poor coat, and frequent loose stools to name but a few. These symptoms may be exhibited through what can be perceived as hyperactivity, restlessness or unpredictable behaviour.

Woof House Ltd brings to you the ‘BEST OF BREED’ range. It is hypo-allergenic, using only the highest quality single protein sources; WE USE ONLY MEAT GRADE 3 AS DESIGNATED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION products that can be traced back to its originating farm. Our rice, oats and barley suit even the most sensitive dog or cat. Our foods are prepared for excellent taste and efficient digestion supported by chicory, yucca, and dandelion for good measure.

Woof House Ltd also introduces our brand new VETERINARY APPROVED range that is tailored for specific dietary needs, prescribed by your vet.

Woof House Ltd., is able to supply to the whole of the UK and Europe. Delivery throughout the UK is usually within two to three working days from placing your order. As a company who believes in good old fashioned values we have made it easy for you to keep in touch with us. On every page of our web site you will find our telephone number and details of how to contact us. So if you have any questions regarding feeding, placing an order or product information please do not hesitate to speak to us; we will do our very best to help. If you would like to give us your feed back then that will be very welcome.

Contact Woof House Ltd

Contact Woof House Ltd
If you require more information about our services and the products we supply:
Telephone. 01228 577 717
Mobile. 07500 3119

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In 2016 microchipping will be compulsory for all dogs throughout England and Wales. Thousands of dogs are lost each year and some pets are never reunited with their owners or worse never find a new home.

For an appointment or more information about microchipping please contact us

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Hello and welcome to AADF forum. Thank you for bringing this particular range of food to our attention. For anyone who would like to have a look at the products, the website is here.
The range is:
Naturally Best of Breed - five products in this category.
Best of Breed - nine products.
Best of Breed Puppy - two products.
Working Dog - four products.
Naturally Grain Free - four products.

It looks to me as if they are white label products from GA Pet Food Partners but I am sure that the retailer members will be able to confirm.