Anyone come across Kita's Kitchen food ?

Hi, I’m interested in opinions on this brand. It appears to be fairly new and seems to have very good ingredients for a very reasonable price. Any view on this?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I haven’t heard of this product. The Instant Review Generator will return the score.

It looks like the generic Golden Acres food again. Good stuff and great value.

Thanks for your replies. My Lab has been on this food for a few months now. All signs show its good. I just don’t see it in many places and don’t hear of anyone using it, hence my question.

Quite a few brands in the UK selling this food but its all the same.
We have two Labs on the same food, we use the large breed turkey version. Heads up though we buy from Working HPRs as its a little cheaper. Our two moved to this from Acana and they appear to prefer it.