Dog food stores and accommodation


I saw some exciting and beautiful places in Barbados and planning to visit the place this year. Saw one accommodation in Barbados. But before booking the accommodation in Barbados, I would like to know whether they will accommodate pets. I’m just crazy about the four dogs I have. I would like to take them along with me wherever I go. Are there any restrictions for it in Barbados? Does anyone have any idea? If you have any experience with this place, kindly share it.

Sharing of the details will be highly appreciated. Moreover, I would like to know if I can get some information about the stores which provide dog foods.

Thank you

The questions in your first paragraph I cannot help with! Sorry.

Assuming you mean buying food in the UK, there is a helpful addition to the allaboutdogfood website which will help you with

stores which provide dog food

David descibes this as:
“Finding your favourite dog foods locally has never been easier! Simply head over to the store finder, enter your location and the brand you’re looking for and hey presto! You can even filter the results to show only businesses with specific doggy services like training, walking, vet care and home delivery!”

Here are the links to the relevant information:
Buy dog food locally**
** Buy dog food online**