Hello from Dog and his dogs

I’ve been using this fan~tastic website for some time now to choose what to feed my two monsters.

Monster number one is a 2 year old English Pointer.

Monster number two is a 20 month-old Beauceron (French Shepherd)

We all live in Cornwall, which is near England :wink: and have access to some mighty-fine walkies.

My previous dog was a Rhodesian Ridgeback who lived to the grand old age of 15.

I’ve also been owned by a GSD, Cocker, Doberman, and a few Heinz 57’s over the years.

You couls say that I’m a Dog purrson ;D


Gosh, you are most definitely a doggy person and no doubt very busy. You did very well to get your Ridgback to 15 years of age. It’s good that you are finding the website to be useful. Forgot to say hello and welcome to the forum.

Thank you Dottie, yes, 15 years was good going for a large breed. I started him off on raw mince and stale wholemeal bread as a pup, which was recommended by my vet at the time, an ‘old skool’ vet who began practising in the 1950’s.

I didn’t keep him raw as an adult dog though, but I reckon it set him up for life, healthwise, as he hardly had any heath problems at all over the years, apart from when his anal glands became impacted AND infected … I dealt with that myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Wholemeal bread - that brings back memories. Years ago I used to dry slices of wholemeal bread, make it into breadcrumbs and mix it up with their butcher’s meat. They had heart, beef cheek, a bit of liver etc all done in the pressure cooker. Can’t say it was very well balanced but in those days we didn’t have all this knowledge and tbh the dogs didn’t exactly fade away, all living to a good age.

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Years ago I used to dry slices of wholemeal bread, make it into breadcrumbs and mix it up with their butcher’s meat

I think I used to do the same thing actually - 15 years ago is a long time ago :wink:

Milo my Ridgeback was fed on extruded for most of his life, Arden Grange lamb & rice, then ‘Ultimate Nutrition’, ending up on Wainwright’s turkey & veg.

Not the best foods I know (now) but at least it wasn’t Bakers**!!!**

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Hello and welcome to the forum Dog.
That is a lot of dogs who have owned you! I hope you will be able to share your experiences with them.

Thank you Tinyplanets.

I don’t think I would ever want to be without a dog, I’ve always just had the one dog, but now have two of similar age.

If I ever won the lottery I’d ignore the fast cars etc. etc. and just get more dogs :smiley: