Hi from Mauritius

Hello everyone,

I am Nirvana, from Mauritius.
I have 2 babies, Boule, male - 7 years old and Fifi, female - 4 years old.
Both are mutts, as tends to be the case of most Mauritian dogs. Boule is the black one and Fifi is the golden one.

As an anxious pet parent, with little expertise to trust over here, I’m glad to have found this reliable website. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. It’s good that you have found the website useful.

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I sure did.
Quality food for pets is scarce in Mauritius. Pedigree, Royal Canin and such other commercial lines are what’s considered “quality food” here. Luckily, after much digging, I found a Carnilove reseller and checked on this website and sure enough, the nutritional value is great compared to the alternatives I had. So I switched. The only issue is that my older dog has trouble with chewing the kibble as is it too hard for him. So I grind it into a fine powder and add water to make it into a paste. I notice however, that they both still go straight to the water bowel, sometimes mid-feeding, and I’m wondering if that might cause bloating and if there’s anything I’m doing wrong, or if it’s a good thing they’re both drinking more, as Boule didn’t tend to drink a lot earlier.
Any advice for me please?

Dry food does dehydrate the dog for a while, that’s why they tend to drink a lot a short time after a meal. It’s a good idea to moisten it. When I have fed dry food I have sometimes soaked it in warm water. Cold pressed food soaks very well but I expect that it is not on sale in your country. I don’t know how many meals per day your dogs are having but I am wondering if smaller, more frequent meals might help.