Ketogenic Dog Diet

Tinyplanets briefly mentioned the ketogenic diet in another post. The Keto Pets Sanctuary, Georgetown, Texas are using a high-fat, adequate protein, and low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, together with other methods in their fight to save dogs lives from cancer.

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Thanks for sharing. I found that really interesting. Food for thought.

Is that comparable to the Atkins diet for humans ? OH tried that and had terrible bad breath ;D

Schnauday here is a video that tells you more about the diet and works of the Keto Pet Sanctuary. The treatment costs around 100,000 dollars per dog.
Keto Human Study – Effects of Ketogenic Diets in Canine Cancer

KetoPet Sanctuary are offering a free e-book “The Pet Parent’s Handbook To A Ketogenic Diet & Canine Cancer” for anyone who is interested.


…after providing an email address, and verifying that email address (by clicking a link that they send to the email you provide) I was given access (via a link) to the handbook, which is a 24 pages pdf file, to be read onscreen and also could be downloaded.

[I decided to print, peruse and use as a helpful reference when offline].Thanks Seaweed, :slight_smile:

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Wondering what if any retail raw complete foods come closest to being Ketogenic. Not aware of any U.K. based pet food manufacturers currently marketing any Ketogenic foods.

Also interested to know if anyone in U.K. is feeding a d.i.y dog food Ketogenic diet or perhaps feeding naked BARF and adding own fruit/veg to create something aligned to a Ketogenic diet.


I can’t think of any complete, off hand, I guess you would buy raw only and add the rest DIY fashion. It would certainly be helpful to have a raw feeding vet on your side. Experts from the Ketopet Sanctuary will be at the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society conference at Hartpury College near Gloucester on Nov 5. I too would be interested in any feedback from anyone involved in a raw ketogenic diet.


Just watching a video referencing this. It is from a series by Rodney Habib and Ty Bollinger:

FINALLY, it’s DONE! I’ve sent the Dog Cancer Series Documentary off to the distributor and DVD’s are being made as we speak! As soon as they’re ready to ship (or download) I’ll let you know :) While I was making my film I discovered Ty Bollinger was also making Protect and Heal Your Pets, a docuseries about pet cancer. We decided to collaborate on a free 5-part miniseries that highlights some of the top experts in both documentaries giving their advice about dog cancer. So what’s better than a sneak peak of my documentary? A sneak peek of BOTH documentaries on cancer in pets! Sign up to watch this 5-part miniseries here: Looking forward to getting this information to you as soon as possible, Rodney
The one that I am watching is episode 4. They also discuss grain free foods, saying that they are not necessarily better for dogs.

Thanks for replies.

My thoughts were also along lines of naked barf complete mince but adding/topping/mixing in own veg choice.

I am halfway through the episode 2 at moment. Started watching recently on back of various email reminders.

Gloucester date unlikely for me at moment…


KetoPet Sanctuary have revised their eBook “The Pet Parent’s Guide to The Ketogenic Diet” with a new and improved version and it is now down to 9 pages for easy reading. They have also updated their website to include a more robust collection of resources.


Kimberly Gauthier of Keep the Tail Wagging talks to Dr. Karen Becker & Rodney Habib: Raw Feeding and Preventing Canine Cancer.


Seaweed, Thanks for sharig.I will take a look as soon as able :slight_smile:

I saw in a group a post about a new series by Karen Becker and Rodney Habib : The Truth about Cancer. I think it is interesting some of the facts and evidences that they conclude. Here a bit of a summary of the project:


Ofs - thank you for this information. I have merged your post with this thread as it is about the series of videos about this subject.

What conclusion did you come to when you had watched it? I found it hard going, not least because of the format. Karen speaks quite fast and it can be hard for us older folk to keep up! Without watching the film again, the only points that I picked up on were:
Rodney’s first dog died of cancer at age 6 years, despite having a very good, fresh, organic diet.
Carbs are not bad for a dog with cancer and in fact the opposite is required.
Lots of protein and fat is not good for cancer.
We should all be fasting our dogs to put them into ketosis.

I am probably wrong but as I said, I did struggle with it. Would be interested to know what you learned from the discussion and if you are moved to follow their thinking/ advice.

Basically Karen Becker realised that despite of giving dogs what she considers a right and proper diet (organic raw meat ) , she still has to deal with a lot of cancer cases in dogs and besides the dogs didn’t do it better carrying on with this diet. So she was worried about all those cancer cases , she did some researches and she got a new solution: Ketogenic diet. I understood that high protein levels are not good in these cases (even in general only when the dogs are growing)
For me it is quite interesting because someway it is going to change the general vision of dogs feeding for those people that feed raw meat of course.

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Thank you for that. I had just about got it right. I get the impression that some pet owners feel that a raw diet will prevent dogs from getting cancer in the first place but I don’t know of any evidence to back up this assertion.

Interesting. I picked up all the points that you did Dottie. I have always felt inclined to add some carbs from whole grain sources or starchy veg to my dogs raw complete and I have read a little about the benefits of fasting for humans. I don’t think it would be very easy to fast a dog to be honest. I would be worried that my dog would think she was being punished. Food for thought though.

I too would not want to starve my dogs, particularly ill ones. I have had dogs die due to cancer - they have all been older ones. I have treated them palliatively and tried to make what is left of their lives as good as possible. That includes giving them whatever they fancy food wise.

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KetoPet sanctuary have updated their free eBook and have also added a Keto Calculator.
eBook and Keto Calculator (enter email address)